Solitary and serene Lakes can purify the soul
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Solitary and serene Lakes can purify the soul

Sitting at the lakeside will help to calm down after an anxious and hectic day

Solitary and serene Lakes can purify the soul

Lakes are a visitor’s delight always and the tranquil atmosphere helps us to regain peace of mind. Sitting for hours by the lake side will definitely help you rejuvenate yours mind. National capital is blessed with many beautiful natural lakes which are treasures to the city and the populace. It will be a wonderful idea to explore these lakes whenever you feel tired or exhausted after a long hectic day.  Even if you want the close vicinity of the nature then also spending time at the lake side will be a great idea.

Sarovar at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Credit: Jovial Holiday

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is located at Connaught Place, New Delhi, is one of the most sacred places situated in the city. The main attraction of this holy place is a beautiful artificial lake which is known as Gurudwara Sarovar. The waters of this lake are considered as ‘Amrit’ or the nectar and thus it is sacred. The Gurudwara was actually built as a palace built by a Mirza Raja Jai Singh who was the member of Aurangazeb’s court. This lake looks awesome in the evening when various lights reflect on it and it is home to thousands of fishes. The Gurudwara is open for 24 hours and you may go anytime for a visit.

Hauz Khas Lake

The historic Hauz Khas Fort and Hauz Khas Lake both were built during the era of Alauddin Khilji around the 13th century to supply water to the Siri Fort. The beautiful artificial lake was earlier called Hauz-i-Alai. It was re-excavated in the 14th century during Firoz Shah Tughlaq’s rule after being blocked and silted. The word ‘Hauz’ stands for tank and ‘Khas’ stands for royal. Most interestingly this water reservoir can be seen from the Fort and there is separate entry to reach the lake. You may sit for hours at the fort and enjoy a top view of the lake. There are lightings in the water that can be viewed only after the sunset.

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Sanjay Lake

Credit: Cityspidey

Sanjay Lake was built by DDA as a part of developing eco-friendly atmosphere in the capital region and honestly this is an astonishing lake to explore. This is a rainwater lake and it is spread over 54 acres with 172 acres of land all around the lake. The lake is surrounded by the biggest greenery in east Delhi. This wonderful lake gives you the opportunity to go for boating also. This lake is the dwelling place of various migratory birds such as storks and egrets, watchers can find them swimming or extinguishing their thirst beside the lake.

Naini Lake

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Naini Lake is famous for its vicinity in the middle of a city which is full of hustle and bustle. .It is located in Northern part of Delhi and this is amazingly serene place to relax in the morning hours or in the evening after work It is a great place for family outings during the weekend; you can relax on the banks of the lake while enjoying food with friends and family. There is a small island in the middle of the lake, with a tree which shelters many water birds. This has added a wonderful look. There are boats of different types that you can hire for a boat ride. There are many walkways all around the lake. The lake is surrounded by a lot of palm trees that has created a calm atmosphere.

Purana Quila or Old Fort Lake


Purana Quila or the Old Fort itself is a treasure of the capital city. Apart from its architectural beauties there is a beautiful lake inside which is complete with fountains, esplanade and a viewing gallery. Due to negligence and non maintenance, the lake started drying up. Two years ago, it was shut for restoration.  After the revival Purana Qila has come with lots of facilities such as an interpretation gallery, a souvenir shop, a new ticketing booth, a parking lot and toilet facilities. Unfortunately   the lake cannot offer the boating facility as it is only two metres deep .Still people can unwind by  sitting at  the lake side for hours.

Bhardwaj Lake

Credit: Connecting Traveller

Another attraction that will take you little away from Delhi is the Bhardwaj Lake which is  nestled between the Aravalli Hills. This is a perfect family destination weekend outing or a feast or weekend party. People who love to go for some adventures they will definitely enjoy this place as they may try trekking around the lake. The lake is clean enough to take a dip in. It will be really enjoyable for those who love to watch birds. This is only 56 KM away from Delhi. Cycling, Trekking, Bird-watching are three attractions here.

Tilyar Lake

Credit: LBB

Tilyar Lake is located near Rohtak, Haryana which is not so far from the capital city. Around 45 kms from the Delhi Border, Tilyar Lake is one of the most enjoyable places where you can spend the entire day lazing around near the lake. There is a Zoo within the lake complex which has made it excellent site for bird watching. Tilyar Lake complex is full of vegetation and is the most appealing place for nature lovers. This lake is often visited by migratory birds and the zoo is home to tigers, panthers, deer, monkeys, etc. You can also enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, angling and an enchanting multimedia laser show at the lake complex.

Bhalswa Lake

Credit: MyCity4Kids


This lake is located in Jahangirpura area of Delhi which has a horseshoe like shape. The Bhalswa lakeThis wetland ecosystem still acts as a wildlife habitat and attracts a lot of water birds, including migratory birds. There are a number of water sports which attract young people here to enjoy activities like rowing, kayaking and canoeing. You may also opt for paddle or rowing boats as the water of the lake is perfectly serene.


Sultanpur Lake

Credit: Haryana Tourism

Sultanpur bird sanctuary is the main attraction in the Sultanpur Lake. This place is very famous all over India because of its various bird species. This sanctuary is inhabited by nearly 250 types of birds. There are beautiful migratory birds that reside on the lakeside to pass winters. This hidden lake is a wonderful site for photography enthusiasts and bird watchers. Sultanpur Lake gives an easy escape from the monotonous life of city and let you silently watch the Siberian cranes and flamingos. Sultanpur Lake is one of the must-visit lakes within Delhi’s periphery. 90 species of migratory birds can be spotted flying, swimming and wading here. Darter, shoveller, egret, kingfisher and cormorant are a common sight here. Visitors can not only capture these tiny marvels but also enjoy a relaxing picnic in the peaceful environs.

Surajkund Lake, Faridabad

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This is another most prominent lake situated very near to the capital city. Surajkund Lake is located in Faridabad and only 15 km from South Delhi. This ancient water reservoir, built in the 10th century by King Surajpal of the Tomar dynasty, has an amphitheatre-shaped embankment. This is perfect for clicking fabulous pictures. The place host the Surajkund International Crafts Mela (held in February) every year and it is very famous fair in the northern region of the country. Thus it calls visitors from near and far and if you visit this lake on a holiday or during weekdays you  will definitely enjoy  the  magical atmosphere over there.

Damdama Lake

Credit: TripAdvisor


Damdama lake is located in the midst of awesome Aravalli Hills and only an hour’s drive away from Delhi. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy  fresh air  and blue sky while sitting at the lake side amidst the  nature. You can try boating, trekking, zip-lining, commando net and Burma Bridge among other things to do near Damdama Lake. This picnic spot near Delhi is much-loved by people of all ages and tastes.


Brahma Sarovar, Thanesar

Credit: Haryana Tourism

Although it takes to reach 3 hours still Brahma sarovar is the one of the most treasured and renowned lakes in Delhi NCR . This Sarovar is one of Asia's largest man-made ponds which is 3600 ft long, 1500 ft broad and 45 ft deep. This lake carries some mysterious facts and it is belied that it was originated in the unknown period of time. As per Hindu Mythology the lake was created by Lord Brahma – the creator of this whole universe. He created this lake in Kurukshetra in order to create the entire universe in its embrace. This is basically a sacred lake which presents a breathtaking view of deep daan or the ceremony of floating lamps at night which is an amazing thing to watch.