Noida Authority CEO Conducts Review of Public Health Department's Work
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Noida Authority CEO Conducts Review of Public Health Department's Work

The authority will invite tenders for the operation of the proposed animal shelter in Sector-117

Noida Authority CEO Conducts Review of Public Health Department's Work

Noida: Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari conducted a comprehensive review meeting of the Public Health Department on Friday to address various key issues. One of the primary focuses of the meeting was to raise awareness among the general public regarding the registration of pet dogs in Noida. 

CEO Maheshwari emphasised the importance of registering pet dogs and instructed the officers to disseminate this information widely. Furthermore, she directed the department to publish a notice in the newspaper within two days, outlining the standard operating procedures (SOP) for pet dog ownership. She also emphasized the need to penalize individuals who fail to register their pet dogs.

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In the meeting, the CEO also discussed the progress of the cleanliness survey and urged the completion of pending wall painting work by May 31. She issued a directive to establish a car wash station equipped with a treated water Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the Noida area as a pilot project. The officers were given a timeframe of 10 days to initiate this project. Additionally, CEO Maheshwari instructed the concerned officials to expedite the purchase of necessary machines through the Gem portal for the effective prevention of air pollution in Noida.

Recognizing the importance of water conservation, CEO Maheshwari instructed the officers to develop a pilot project for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation within 15 days. The project will be implemented in the Central Verge Green Belt of the Expressway. Moreover, the CEO ordered the officers to initiate the tender process within 7 days for repair and maintenance work on toilets located in markets constructed by the Noida Authority on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis.

Addressing the issue of waste management, CEO Maheshwari directed the officers to install cameras at various Green Vehicle Points (GVP) in Noida to monitor garbage disposal. Starting May 31, fines will be imposed on individuals found littering openly based on the evidence collected by the cameras. Furthermore, she instructed the officers to initiate the tender process for the proposed animal shelter in Sector-117 within a week.

The meeting was attended by several high-ranking officials, including Additional Chief Executive Officer Prabhash Kumar, Officer on Special Duty Indu Prakash Singh, Officer on Special Duty Avinash Tripathi, and various other officers from the Noida Authority. These directives and initiatives aim to enhance public health, environmental sustainability, and overall civic amenities in Noida.