GNW Residents of different societies join hands for strong protest at Ek Murti
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GNW Residents of different societies join hands for strong protest at Ek Murti

Flat buyers protest against the police notice and demand a solution to their problems

GNW Residents of different societies join hands for strong protest at Ek Murti

Greater Noida West: Flat buyers from various housing projects came together for a strong protest march at Murti Chowk in Noida on 28th May to show the grievance against police notices involving flat ownership and registration and demanded immediate action from the authorities. The protest organized by the New Era Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA), aimed to highlight the burning problems faced by flat buyers and seek solutions on several fronts. Flat owners stipulated a solution to their problems in a vocal demonstration full of unity and determination.

The protesters insisted on their demands for registration and possession of the flat, which have been pending for a long time. They expressed dismay at the handling of the situation and demanded the cancellation of the notices served by the police to several home buyers. Slogans were raised against the Bisrakh police. The protesters demanded intervention from respected politicians like Yogi Adityanath and Narendra Modi to voice their concerns.

Abhishek Kumar, the president of NEFOWA said: "Our protest will continue until our problems are solved. The attempt to intimidate us with police notices has made us determined to fight for our rights. This will strengthen the resolution. The tenacity and unity shown by the flat buyers show their unwavering commitment to finding a fair and just solution."

Mihir Gautam, the coordinator of the protest march said, "We have failed to understand the government's priorities. At a time when corporate loans are being written off and builders are profiting in various ways Yes, the government is not willing to extend a helping hand to honest, tax-paying flat buyers. The flat buyers who have invested their hard-earned money all their lives are also disappointed with the police administration. Instead of supporting the honest taxpayers who are being exploited by the builders, they are issuing notices under Section 111."

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The flat buyers from housing projects like Eco Village 1, Eco Village 2, Eco Village 3, Ajnara Homes, Casa Greens, Raksha Adela and Aqua Garden and many others were present in the protest.Ek Murti Chowk is emerging as a permanent platform for flat buyers to protest every week and for homebuyers to unite, raise their voices and resolve long-standing issues. Residents highlighted the need for more accountability, transparency and support from the administration.