Stark naked in Dwarka park and residents aren't amused
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Stark naked in Dwarka park and residents aren't amused

Exposed wires at Sadbhavna Park in Sec 13 pose risk to visitors; residents blame DDA.

Stark naked in Dwarka park and residents aren't amused

Naked wires and open fuse boxes at Sadbhavna Park in Sector 13, Dwarka, have become a cause for concern for visitors.

Such wires can be seen on fuse boxes on electricity poles, at supply points or junctions. Some fuse boxes are at a low height on electricity poles along walkways. They are within easy reach and even children can touch them.

According to visitors, due to the lackadaisical approach of DDA, the electrical infrastructure is not maintained. Vinod Rawat, general secretary of Metro View Apartments in Sector 13, says, “This park is quite popular. Hundreds of residents visit the park regularly. But if you look at the electrical infrastructure, you will find a lot of issues. Open boxes and naked wires are just one of them. The DDA should look into it as soon as possible.”

The park, developed by DDA, also has an open-air gym. Residents mainly from sectors 13 and 14 use the park. “Residents from Om Apartments, Radhika Apartments, Kautilya Apartments, Netaji Subhash Apartments, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Apartments and Metro View Apartments use this park. People come here with their families, including children. So the park should be well maintained. There is a space in the park where people perform yoga and exercise. There you will find naked wires and open boxes. These must be fixed urgently,” says Rakesh Godara, president of Om Apartments, Sector 14.

When City Spidey spoke to Prem Chandra, deputy director, horticulture department, DDA, he said, “I will look into the matter and write to the electrical department.”