NCR: The week in tweets
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NCR: The week in tweets

Here's taking a look at what the twitterati said this past week (May 21 - May 26).


NCR: The week in tweets

Hello friends! How have you been? It seems the NCR’s twitterati have stayed away from tweetdom this week. Nevertheless, the social media platform was abuzz with crime, power woes and, thankfully, some humour. Folks, we bring you the week in tweets:

Hope the authorities concerned are listening.

One wonders if there is ever going to be a week when this problem is not talked about!

Incidents like the one below make one ponder over the state of law and order. Here’s a resident who has voiced the common sentiment.


Here’s a welcome move.This plant should certainly help bring down pollution levels.


Hope this dog got the help it needed.

And finally, some humour! Here’s a resident who has found some comedy in tragedy.