Gurgaon, Suncity: Here a pig, there a pig...
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Gurgaon, Suncity: Here a pig, there a pig...

Residents are having a difficult time dealing with the stray-pig population, and complaining to authorities hasn’t helped.

Gurgaon, Suncity: Here a pig, there a pig...

A rising stray-pig population has made life difficult for residents of Gurgaon’s Suncity township on Golf Course Road. The residents have approached Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) several times, but the problem continues.

Spread across 180 acres, the huge township is a gated colony with 1,500 plots.

Anita Aryani, a resident, complains, “The pigs roam around freely on the roads. Two-wheelers often skid trying to avoid hitting them. There have been so many mishaps in the recent past.”

She elaborates, “Once, two pigs appeared out of nowhere, fighting on the road, and we had to brake the car so suddenly. Had there been a vehicle behind us, we would have surely collided.”

VMK Singh, RWA general secretary, adds, “They also strew garbage, and the whole place looks dirty.”

Residents allege that ongoing construction inside the township has compounded the problem. Workers often dump construction waste on the roads. In fact, roadside garbage — a common sight in the city — only serves to intensify the pig menace.

With monsoons poised to hit the city, the problem is set to take a more serious turn.

Speaking on the subject, SS Rohilla, MCG spokesperson, said, “We will look into the matter and try to resolve it as soon as possible.”