Yet another dark stretch in Noida
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Yet another dark stretch in Noida

Residents of Sector 43, Noida, are scared to step out after sunset due to non-functional street lights. And it's been three months.

Yet another dark stretch in Noida Imagine walking down a road as dark as this.

Non-functioning street lights is a common Noida problem. Thanks to Noida Authority, the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that some city residents are scared even to step out after sundown.

Take Sector 43 for example. The service lane along house numbers A10 to A19 is engulfed in complete darkness due to non-functioning street lights.

They have been complaining to the Authority since the past three months.

“We complained about the situation on the Noida Citizen Charter app. However, there is no action from Noida Authority. The dark service lane is a haven for antisocial elements,” highlights RWA President of Sector 43, Narendra N Gudavali.

Reena Singh, a resident of the sector expressed her disappointment to City Spidey: “I am scared to go out in the eveings as these dark stretches are not at all safe for women and children.”

Noida Authority project engineer RS Raghav had a standard answer for City Spidey: “The problem will be solved as soon as possible.”