What spurred the grisly Gaur City murders?

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Posted: Dec 13, 2017

Can a son kill his mother in cold blood while she is sleeping? Can a brother just murder his little sister in a fit of rage? Is the dystopia we are living in an inevitable price for growing virtual presence?

The latest double murders of mother and sister in Gaur City 2 by the 16-year-old son makes it pertinent that we press for answers.

According to the police, the boy claimed that his mother would beat him often. "He said his parents kept pressuring him to study harder. He also felt that his mother loved his sister more and ignored him. His only source of happiness was his grandparents. The boy also said that his classmates had been behaving strangely with him for quite a few days," said a senior police officer.

SSP Luv Kumar of Gautam Buddha Nagar said, “The boy felt his parents didn't love him. However, the father said he scolded him only for his studies, and the family otherwise shared a strong bond.”

City Spidey speaks to a mental health expert on the implications of this grisly incident.

"Juveniles are more vulnerable and susceptible to negative influences and outside pressures, including peer pressure. The amount of aggression around them is leading them to become aggressive," said Dr Samir Parikh, director, department of mental health and behavioral sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

According to doctors, children have access to violent online games now, and this is one of the biggest reasons behind juveniles committing such crimes.

"Children playing aggressive games are more likely to become involved in criminal behaviour as their metal make-up gets negatively affected, and their attitude towards people change. There are also children who feel that their younger siblings are more pampered and they start to harbour deep resentment. In such cases, parents should talk with their wards more — try and bond with them,” the doctor added.

Doctors also said that parents should be mindful of sudden behavioural changes in their wards and pursue counseling at the earliest if they feel something is not right.

The boy is currently lodged in a juvenile home, in a separate ward. He is receiving counselling sessions from experts at the moment.

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