Children immerse in joy to dissipate exam stress!
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Children immerse in joy to dissipate exam stress!

The children of The NeoFusion Creative Foundation decide to tackle home and exam stress by creating a feel-good factor in their surroundings. They undertake cleaning and decoration of the school.

Children immerse in joy to dissipate exam stress!

Students of a school for underprivileged children, The NeoFusion Creative Foundation, discovered a new way to rejoice and mitigate the stresses and tensions that are associated with examinations.  

These children, who hail from families that struggle on a regular basis to secure the basic necessities of life, often face distress and tension in their home environment.

In order to face the pressures of school examinations in a cheerful manner, the children therefore decided to change their surroundings and create a feel-good factor. They displayed a lot of zeal and exuberance as they undertook various activities such as cleaning their school and decorating it. This novel idea was the brainchild of Pompy, a student of class VIII.

“We decided to have a ‘Happy Party Celebration’ month and approach our exams with a cheerful spirit. Instead of just  immersing ourselves in textbooks,we decided to incorporate positivity and optimism as  part of our preparations, ” shared Laxman, a senior student.  

While the students had a fun time decorating their school with ribbons, balloons and posters, the teachers too contributed to the initiative. As part of this de-stressing initiative a mega celebration was organised  on Thursday. The students ordered food, played games and welcomed the school’s founder, Anubhooti Bhatnagar, (popularly known as Aubhooti madam). "She has always extended her help and encouragement to us," shared a student.