MV I Ext: Riverside Club president refuses to pander to privilege seekers
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MV I Ext: Riverside Club president refuses to pander to privilege seekers

President CM Jain even had to resign over his decision, but is now back at the helm of the managing committee.

MV I Ext: Riverside Club president refuses to pander to privilege seekers

The newly elected managing committee of the Riverside Club in Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension is already embroiled in a controversy — this time over discounts on liquor and food served at the club to a select few in the managing committee. But the bigger picture begs a more incisive question: Can a few members lay claim to more privileges owing to their post or hold in the club? 

Sources told City Spidey that a few managing committee members had been getting discounts of up to 20 per cent on food and liquor served at the club. “There’s no provision for such practice at the club. But a few members have formed their own rules and availing discounts. They have been doing it for the past few years,” said a club member, on condition of anonymity.

After a new managing committee was formed in November last year, a few members raised this issue with the club president, CM Jain, who firmly put his foot down to it. But he was opposed by a few members, and it became a source of conflict among the managing committee members.

According to sources, four committee members, who were earlier in the opposition team, also supported Jain in his decision. However, a few who contested elections from his own team opposed the move. This issue prompted Jain to resign a few days back, say sources. But he withdrew his resignation upon the request of committee members.

When City Spidey spoke to Jain at the club on Monday, he confirmed that he had tendered his resignation but later withdrew it. He, however, did not reveal the issue of conflict, and when asked to speak on the controversial topic of discounts, said, “In the club, all members will be treated equally.”

During his discussion with City Spidey, Jain claimed a lot of changes had come about in the past three months after he had become the club president. He said maintaining the credibility and providing better services to the members was his main agenda.

However, Sanjay Gupta, treasurer of the club, who, according to sources, had opposed Jain, denied the allegation of providing discounts to a select few.  “I don’t know who is getting discounts here at the club. I have been associated with this place for many years, but I never got any discounts.”

He also said that the real reason behind Jain’s resignation was not the controversial discounts. “I can’t reveal everything, but I would say it was not the reason behind Jain’s resignation. I was targeted because I raised questions and demanded a clear agenda of the managing committee.”

This is not the first time that allegations of discounts have surfaced. During the last election, one of the founder members, too, had made a similar allegation without revealing names.

The club was established in 1995 and is the only one of its kind in East Delhi. It has a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant and a sports club, among other facilitates. The purpose of the club was to provide a place to socialise for residents of 22 cooperative group housing societies. However, later, membership was allowed to people outside these 22 housing societies, and at present the club has about 900 members.