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Gurgaon: People blame authorities for ill-maintenance of stormwater drains

Posted: Apr 16, 2018     By City Spidey

The stormwater drain in Sector 22B of Gurgaon has been a big cause of worry for residents in last two years. The sewage outflow from these drains was constantly witnessed during this period. The residents are totally annoyed with the ill-maintenance of the stormwater drain.

The residents alleged that although the issue is being addressed temporarily from time to time, the problem again crops up during monsoon.

People living in the area said that they had to forcefully bear with the with the outflow from the sewage that stagnates by the road at several places. They also said that situation exacerbates whenever there is a little shower in the area.

Members of the residents’ welfare association (RWA) said that they have lodged a complaint with the authorities on several occasions, but no permanent solution has been made.

The RWA members said that although short-term measures were taken, they failed to prevent the sludge from spilling on to the streets whenever there is rain. They said that the issue has been troubling them for the last two years.

“We are worried as the cleaning of drains and rainwater harvesting pits are yet to start. The authorities are yet to take stock of the situation in our sector and it seems it will take time to complete the cleaning of the sewer line, which is completely clogged,” Bhim Singh Yada, president, RWA, Sector 22B, said.

The residents were completely miffed with the authorities and they said that the nonchalance of authorities calls for immediate attention.

People said that houses in the series of 600 and 900 are most affected by the spilling of sewage. They also fear of untoward incident in case of rain as there are two transformers on the stretch.

“Our sector is not equipped to deal with waterlogging and presents a grim picture during monsoon. Waterlogging is a perennial problem here and it results in snarls,” Sarita Rana, a resident, said.     

The MCG officials said that they are working to resolve the problem and have been visiting each sector one by one to ensure that stormwater drains are not choked and are cleaned regularly before the monsoon.

“We are working to unclog stormwater drains. The task has been assigned to the official concerned and work will begin at the earliest. We are hopeful of resolving the problem before the monsoon arrives,” Yashpal Yadav, MCG commissioner, said.

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