Indirapuram: Residents oppose GDA’s proposed vending zone on CISF road
Indirapuram: Residents oppose GDA’s proposed vending zone on CISF road
Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Indirapuram: Residents oppose GDA’s proposed vending zone on CISF road

Indirapuram: Residents oppose GDA’s proposed vending zone on CISF road

The residents of Indirapuram on Monday objected to the Ghaziabad Development Authority’s plans of introducing vending zone in the area. The GDA has proposed a vending zone in an open plot which is located just adjacent to Shanti Gopal Hospital.

Residents of Ahinsa Khand-2 said that the GDA had earlier planned to set up booster pumping station for increasing Ganga Jal supply in the high-rises of the area. They said that a booster pumping station was planned at the same location where the vending zone has been proposed.

People said that the proposal of a vending zone will also rule out the possibility of booster pumping station and increase the traffic congestion in the area.

“We understand the requirement of a vending zone but we were assured in a meeting that the GDA will set up a booster pumping station in the demarcated plot. We are already facing the shortage of Ganga Jal and we hoped that the booster would bring some relief,” said DK Maurya, president of Niho Scottish Garden Apartment Owners Association (AoA).

The residents also said that setting up of a vending zone in the area will adversely affect the already troubled traffic movement in the area. They said that such kind of vending zone will completely choke the traffic. The zone is proposed on the busy Mohan Nagar Link road which is also known as the CISF Road.

“With no proper parking area nearby, it is only natural that people visiting the zone will park their vehicles on the road. This will invite a lot of trouble for local residents. Moreover, we were told in a meeting that a booster pump was planned for the area and was supposed come up on the plot,” said Alok Kumar, president of Federation of AoAs(FedAoA) and resident of Arihant Harmony society.

Similar views were also shared by Sadhana Sharma, president of Exotica Elegance AoA. “We were expecting a booster pump for the area and were waiting for it. This was also supposed to solve the water woes in the societies. Moreover, setting up a noisy market place on a busy road right next to a hospital does not make any sense,” Sharma said.

A letter signed by AoAs of several societies of Ahinsa Khand 2 has also been sent to the GDA in this regard. The letter maintains that the plot of land in question is marked as public parking in the authority’s Master Plan for 2021 and that the land use cannot be changed according to a court order.

The plot is one of two vending zones marked for Indirapuram and is currently being used as a parking area by the hospital. The other one is located near the Indirapuram sewerage treatment plant in Shakti Khand 4. GDA officials could not be contacted for comments.

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