RESIDENT SPEAK: 'DMRC must review its decision...'

Posted: Apr 28, 2018     By SK Malik

Till May 2017, the Metro transported around 28 lakh passengers daily. After the first fare hike in May, it lost nearly 1.5 lakh passengers per day, as the number dropped to 25.7 lakh.

With the second increase in fare in October, the number of people using the Delhi Metro every day came down to 24.2 lakh, translating to a fall of around 11 per cent.

Now, from May 2018 parking rates have been hiked.

Those parking their car for beyond six hours and up to 12 hours will pay Rs 50 instead of the earlier Rs 30, and those parking beyond 12 hours will have to shell out Rs 60 instead of Rs 40.

Parking bikes for up to six hours will cost Rs 15 instead of Rs 10, while beyond six hours, it will cost Rs 25 against the existing Rs 15.

With this third increase, the number of Metro commuters will come down further.

I request the DMRC to review its decision.

Metro commute means less exposure to dust and air pollution; it means less use of petrol and diesel, and, of course, reduction of traffic and accidents on roads. And above all, it saves a lot of travel time.   

As commuters travel in AC with less air pollution, it translates into better health. And an increase in passengers for Metro will mean more Carbon Credits.

I again request for a review on the increased rates.

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