Minor girl trained on ‘stranger danger’ foils abduction bid in Indirapuram
Minor girl trained on ‘stranger danger’ foils abduction bid in Indirapuram
Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Minor girl trained on ‘stranger danger’ foils abduction bid in Indirapuram
Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar

Minor girl trained on ‘stranger danger’ foils abduction bid in Indirapuram

A minor girl, who was trained to deal with stranger danger, on Sunday foiled attempts of abduction within the premises of Parasvnath Majestic Floors, a residential society in Indirapuram.

While the suspected kidnapper was trying to abduct her, she asked for the code word which her mother taught her to use before trusting strangers.

When the girl did not get the code word from the man, she immediately ran away towards her flat. The incident happened at around 5 pm in the evening.

Father of the girl said that the kidnapper had told his daughter to accompany him as her father has met with an accident.

“At this point, my daughter asked for the code word. She sensed something was wrong when the stranger couldn’t respond and ran back to her mother,” the father said.  

“I was in the kitchen and my husband had gone outside. My daughter wanted to go out to buy a pack of chips. I normally do not let her go out alone due to security concerns. But, she insisted saying all the kids go alone. Then, I let her go. A little while later, she came back running and was panting. She told me about the incident and said that she ran back as the man could not say the code word,” the girl’s mother said.

“I normally do not pay heed to her chatter but when she mentioned about the code word, I was worried. I have been training her and I am happy that it worked and my daughter is safe,” the mother further said.

“The man was brown in complexion, chubby and had both black and white whiskers. He was wearing a white shirt with red or pink checks and a pair of black pants. He was a bit shorter than my father (around 5.5ft). He later ran towards the main gate of the society,” the girl told City Spidey.

“I am not aware of these code words and tend to forget them. But, it is a regular practice among my wife and our children. My wife gives lessons on issues like good touch-bad touch and how to behave with different kinds of people like strangers, household helps and other people. These codes keep changing periodically,” the father said.

However, the incident was neither captured on any of the society’s security cameras nor did it come to the notice of security guards posted at the gates of the society. “We had no idea that such an incident had taken place and the area did not have any CCTV cameras,” said Shiv Kumar, security supervisor of the society.

Speaking to City Spidey, Amit Gupta, a resident of the society said that there was a constant threat of such incidents taking place in the society due to heavy encroachment in the area.

“The vendors set up shops along the boundary walls of the society and offer a safe canopy for unsocial elements. The encroachments could not be removed despite repeated complaints,” said Gupta.

Police said that they are yet to receive a formal complaint in this regard. “We will definitely look into the matter once we receive a complaint,” said an official of the Indirapuram police station.