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Highly anticipated Eastern Peripheral Expressway to become operational soon

Posted: May 09, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

The construction of 135-km long Eastern Peripheral Expressway connecting Delhi’s Kundli border to Palwal via Ghaziabad is going to complete soon. With that, the time taken to cover the distance will drastically come down.

When the road will become operational, the commuters will be able to drive their vehicles without worrying much about congestion. The cities of Delhi-NCR are being connected to Eastern Peripheral Expressway through seven interchanges.

People of Delhi-NCR will now easily travel to the cities alongside the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. It will take only 70 minutes to cover the distance of 135 km.

In the present scenario, people struggle to reach Baghpat road from Kundli because of the bad condition of the road and they usually take one hour to cover the distance.

After the opening of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, the distance between Kundli and Mavi Kalan will be reduced to 15 km. It will take only 10 minutes to reach Mavi Kalan. The distance from Mavi Kalan to Baghpat and Khekra is only 9 km and 2 km.

Currently, it takes people two and a half hours to cover the 45-km distance between Baghpat and Ghaziabad. Commuters are fed up with the bad roads and congestion.

Now, the distance between Mavi Kalan (Baghpat) and interchange at Duhai (Ghaziabad) will come down to 30 km. This distance will be covered only in 18 minutes.

The distance between Duhai and Dasna on Eastern Peripheral Expressway is only 8 km. Meerut road will be connected to Duhai and NH-24 will be connected in Dasna.

The Eastern Peripheral Expressway will now bypass the city of Ghaziabad. Now, people will not be required to deal with the traffic congestion in Ghaziabad. Commuters from Noida will also be able to access the expressway.

The distance between Dasna and interchange of Beel Akbarpur Dadri is only 19 km. People commuting to and from Dadri, Bulandshahr and Sikandarabad will be able to use Eastern Peripheral Expressway.

People will only be required to travel 12 km from the interchange at Kasna in order to reach Greater Noida. All the vehicles travelling to Greater Noida will be using this road. Vehicles going towards Yamuna Expressway will also deviate from here.

The distance between Rampur and Yamuna expressway is 7 km. There is a plan to connect Yamuna expressway but it is not ready yet. When it will be constructed, people will find it easy to travel to Agra.

An interchange will also be constructed in Mohna which comes after passing river Yamuna in Haryana. The distance between the proposed interchange on Yamuna Expressway and Mohna is approximately 17 km. It will be easier to reach Faridabad, Tigaon, Ballabhgarh from Mohna interchange.

There will be a total of seven interchanges on Eastern Peripheral Expressway. People will be able to cover the distance of 120 km in 70 minutes or less.

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