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RESIDENT SPEAK: One should strive for dreams and enjoy life along the way

Posted: May 14, 2018     By Shelly Soni

My heart was throbbing and my breath shortened while I sat backstage waiting for the results to be announced. Suddenly, my name was called and I walked across the stage in front of a huge crowd as a proud winner of Mrs Delhi NCR 2018 organised by Glamour Gurgaon.

Glamour Gurgaon believes in giving women a platform to fulfil their dreams and work towards their goals with determination, perseverance and integrity. The company excels in organising events that bring out the best in women.

As soon as I was shortlisted as a finalist after the audition where hundreds of beautiful and confident women participated, I began preparing, as the pageant was just a month away. Little did I know that my life would become hectic as I had to balance between my professional work, my family life and prepare rigorously for the pageant.

I barely had time to breathe during last one month while preparing myself for the pageant. My focus was on how to display the best aspects of myself be it my physical appearance, the introduction and interview round and showcase my talent. However, I plugged away and did the best I could.

All the shortlisted finalists were provided comprehensive training and personal grooming. All 62 finalists were keen to contribute to the society by running an awareness campaign in Delhi-NCR. They visited several offices, slums, parks and other public spaces to interacted with women and appealed them to “Show Your Care, Be Aware” of breast cancer.

Pageants organised by Glamour Gurgaon are certainly different from other pageants as they are not just focused on finding a winner but they go an extra mile to show women that they are all winners. Through such pageants, they contribute in empowering women with self-confidence and a strong sense of belief in themselves.

I had always dreamed of competing in a beauty pageant. Although I won few beauty pageants at school and college, winning a pageant at a state level was a lifetime experience. After my pageant experience, I realised that it is not necessarily the outcome that determines what you take from an experience, it is the quality of the experience, the memories, and the personal lessons you learn along the way.

Most importantly, I realised that you should always reach for your dreams. I took the initiative to strive for my dreams and enjoy life along the way. I no longer let opportunities pass me by, and I pursue all my goals and dreams, no matter how big or small.

I would like to give a message to every woman through the quote - “Always dare to dream and live the life of your dreams”.

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