RESIDENT SPEAK: Fall of trees during thunderstorms a big concern

By Sunil Sareen
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 17, 2018

Many trees inside the DDA pockets across Dwarka fell down during the recent thunderstorm in the city. Trees fell down on the vehicles causing damages to them. At some places, the boundary walls also got damaged.

A big tree got uprooted in front of my flat in Vandana Apartments, Sector 19, due to the thunderstorm last night. It caused damage to six of the parked cars. The perimeter wall also got collapsed.

Similarly, in other pockets, we noticed many trees which fell down on vehicles. Fortunately, there was no harm to any human being. However, the trees falling in such natural calamities are a serious issue which should be looked upon.

I appeal to authorities to take care of this matter and find out why the trees are falling so easily. Inside the DDA pockets, such falls could prove to be fatal.

The civic agencies should take it seriously and do timely action to make the bases of trees free from concrete and also do other things which can save the trees.

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