Team arrives in Gzb to validate claims of becoming open-defecation free city

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Posted: May 19, 2018
By Mukhram Singh

A central government team has again arrived in Ghaziabad to conduct open-defecation free (ODF) survey. The team will secretly carry out ODF survey in the city and submit its report to Ministry of Urban Development.

The team has been bestowed with the responsibility to testify the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation’s claims of making the city free of open defecation.  

As per sources, the team will inspect the places where chances of open-defecation are higher. Nobody has any kind of information about the places where the team will carry out inspections.

While addressing a gathering in the city recently, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath had claimed that Ghaziabad has become the first open-defecation free city.

The officials of GMC had submitted their claims in front of UP government. Then, UP government had forwarded this claim to the Ministry of Urban Development.

The survey team is especially eyeing slum areas as the possibility of open-defecation is higher at those places. The team arrived in Ghaziabad on Friday and conducted a detailed inspection at many places.

The team had also checked on the toilets installed by GMC near railway tracks and slum areas.

The officials of GMC are worried that if the team gets successful in catching people defecating openly near slum areas then what will happen to the public claims of the CM for which they had given inputs.

 However, the GMC has constructed more toilets than what was required as per the population of the city.

Along with that, they had also built movable biodegradable toilets near slum areas. These toilets do not require water. Bacteria automatically convert the sewerage into the water and it is also free of foul smells.

The GMC has worked in the direction of making the city open-defecation free. It has built 80 urinals, 417 public toilets, 2,930 community toilets and 4,255 home toilets.

GMC Commissioner CP Singh said that the UP government had declared Ghaziabad as open-defecation free on their report. He added that the team of central government can do an inspection at any place any time to validate our report.

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