RESIDENT SPEAK: Fallen trees with firm roots will be replanted again

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 19, 2018

We need a lot of effort in planting a tree and protecting it afterwards. The task is definitely not easy. Trees take many years to grow to its full size. It is really disheartening to see the full-grown trees getting uprooted within seconds during the natural calamities such as storms.

This month, Delhi has faced uprooting of a large number of trees after storms on four different occasions. Some trees could not withstand the storm due to termites whereas some have fallen due to slender stems.

When we inspected such a tree near DJB Office in Sector 5, we noticed that it was having tender leaves despite it falling down on May 2. Its roots were still fixed to the ground.

We talked to DDA’s Deputy Director of Horticulture Jamil Ahmed who immediately agreed to join us and support us in replanting the trees. Along with the support of DDA, we will be replanting the trees and also provide support on all four sides of the trees so that it will not fall down again.

Our effort will be in the direction to save the trees without affecting its roots. We shall be monitoring the trees for sometime till it comes to normal position. We got calls from other locations too for the help.

Today, team members of Green Circle and some residents of the locality took a round of Dwarka and chalked out plans to go ahead. We will make efforts to save trees as much as possible.

We also visited Sector-5 and found a big tree uprooted in the storm. The tree had life and we are going to help it in standing again. Similarly, inputs are coming from other areas as well and we will work on it taking the help of experts and agencies. Green Circle wants to start this initiative to save such kind of trees.

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