Ghaziabad: Board carrying map, contact details to be put up at each circle

Photo: nagarnigamghaziabad.in
Posted: May 23, 2018
By Mukhram Singh

The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) has decided to put up a glow sign board carrying a map of the ward and contact numbers of officials at every circle in the city. The move has been taken in order to take care of everyday problems faced by the people in the area.

People can refer to this board to understand the ward’s map and also get their problems resolved by talking on the contact numbers written on it.

GMC commissioner CP Singh had taken a call on installing glow sign boards at each circle. The map will show the entire territories of the wards. These boards will be put up in all the hundred wards in the city. It will carry contact numbers of officials and supervisors.

Singh said, “Until now, people had no option but to visit head office of Municipal Corporation or Zonal Office to discuss problems of their wards. In such cases, they are generally given the contact numbers of supervisors.”

“Many times, people just have no idea about whom to approach for specific ward related queries. Hence, they are forced to move from one desk to the other. Now, with these glow sign boards, they can easily approach the required person.”

Apart from the detailed map of the area, the glow sign boards will have contact numbers of required officials responsible for sanitation, construction, sewers, electricity etc. in the wards. The helpline number of Municipal Corporation and e-mail ID will also be written on the boards.

In case, the officials are not able to solve the problem then the matter can also be escalated to higher officials.

The commissioner said, “The work to install glow sign boards will begin in next two months. The Municipal Corporation is preparing maps of each of the wards. Soon, these maps will be printed on the boards. The officials will be accountable to address the issues.”

“If the problems will be escalated to the municipal commissioner or additional commissioner then the respective officials will be asked to reply on the matter. Strong action will also be taken against the officials for not giving satisfactory answers,” added the commissioner.

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