Gurgaon: Oustees may soon get compensation for lands from Huda

Photo: whatsuplife.in
Posted: May 23, 2018
By City Spidey

The residents, whose lands were acquired by Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) ten years ago, may soon get their adequate compensation after waiting for long time. The Huda is soon going to send a complete list of oustees for approval of compensation package to headquarter in Panchkula.

The Huda had taken land for the purpose of external development including construction of roads, sewer and water lines among others.

The department has the responsibility of providing another land in the nearby area and constructing new houses for the oustees in a span of six months. There are almost 1,000 oustees who are yet to get their compensations from Huda.

When the oustees did not get their compensation in time, they approached Punjab and Haryana High Court requesting to look into the matter.

Administrator of Huda, Chander Shekhar Khare, on Wednesday met with two estate officers (EOs) to discuss about the matter. He demanded a complete list of oustees who needs to be compensated.

“There are many court cases that we have to resolve in this regard. Once, we will get a comprehensive list of oustees, I will send it to chief administrator’s office for approval. Our aim is resolve the issue at the earliest,” Khare said.

The Punjab and Haryana Court had merged all the cases of oustees filed in last five to six years in September 2017.

A senior Huda official said that Northern Peripheral Road (NPR), Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) and Connecting Peripheral Roads (CPR), and several other sector roads, are among projects which are mired in litigations, as landowners and oustees moved court demanding adequate compensation.

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