Noida: Continuous dirty water supply exposes residents to health hazards

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: May 28, 2018
By Avishek Dubey

The residents of many sectors in Noida are exposed to health hazards as dirty water is being supplied in the last five days. However, the Noida authority’s water department has claimed that they have sorted out the issue and clean drinking water is being supplied.

The residents said, “The authority is supplying muddy water with lots of sediments and impurities. The water is also yellow in colour. Forget about drinking, the water is even not suitable for washing the clothes.”

Citing the possible health hazards, the residents appealed to Noida authority to address the issue at the earliest.

The RWA secretary of Sector-51, Sanjeev Kumar, told City Spidey, “The Noida authority has hiked the water charges in the city by up to 25 per cent and still they fail to provide us clean water for daily use. Every house has the RO system for drinking water as the residents have no choice.”

Sanjeev also said, “We made the complaint to chairman and chief executive officer Alok Tandon and also the officials of the water department. But, the officials come with new excuses every time.”

“The Noida authority claims that they supply the water for three hours each in morning and evening but the truth is that they supply the water for only one hour in both the time,” Kumar said.

Gulab Singh Bhati, a resident of Sector-20, said, “For the last three days, the residents are doing their all household work with bottled water.

“The water is so dirty that it resembles water from the gutter. It cannot be used for any purpose like washing, bathing etc. Repeated written and verbal complaints have been made to the concerned authorities during the past several days but nothing has been done,” Gulab added.

When City Spidey contacted SC Arora, a senior project engineer of Noida authority, he said, “The supply of water was disturbed due to the cleaning of water pipes in Pratap Vihar in Ghaziabad.

“When the cleaning work got completed, we faced some power issues which hindered the supply of water. But, the problem is resolved now and we are supplying good water,” said Arora.

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