Noida: Protest intensifies against landfill despite notice from administration

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jun 03, 2018
By Avishek Dubey

Despite the notice issued by the district administration to refrain from affecting construction works, thousands of residents from high rises, independent houses and nearby villages carried out protest march against the Noida Authority’s decision to go ahead with the construction of landfill at Sector-123.

On June 2, the district administration had issued a notice to the 36 people to maintain law and order and refrain from disruption of construction work of the landfill.

Fearing health hazards, a large number of residents from nearby areas joined the protest march. They said that what they will answer to their children when this landfill will cause all kinds of problems in future.

The residents demanded immediate rollback of the decision to construct landfill and waste to energy plant in Sector-123 of Noida. The residents of sectors 39 and 50 also joined the protests.

Sumit Singh, a resident of Sector-50, said that the protests have become very big as residents from other areas have also joined. “We do not want any landfill or waste to energy plant in the city and if Authority wants it, then make them at some place in the outskirts,” he added.

Anupam Oberoi, a resident of Sector-122, told City Spidey that they started the march from Parthala and ended it at the landfill site where Noida Authority has started digging work. “We will continue our protest and people will sit on the protest and demand rollback of this decision every day,” Oberoi added.

Oberoi further said, “The current population of the city is around 12 lakh and city generates 650-ton of garbage every day. If we calculate per person waste for a day then it comes to 0.67 kg. In the next 5 years, the population will be doubled and waste generation will be doubled. The Noida Authority is making the landfill with 1,000 ton capacity for the next ten years. Their calculation is flawed.”

The Noida Authority started digging the vacant plot situated there on June 2 after the National Green Tribunal (NGT) issued an interim order on May 29 directing it to immediately stop dumping waste at a forest located in Sector-54.

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