Gzb: After grade separator, GDA to continue vertical gardening at Metro pillars

Photo: toptea.com
Posted: Jun 09, 2018
By Mukhram Singh

To make the area more green and beautiful, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has started vertical gardening. Under this, vertical gardening has been done at four of the pillars of grade separator at the Meerut road.

The GDA is now planning to do vertical gardening on Metro pillars and elevated roads in the city. With this, there will also be greenery at the places where there is very less scope for it. The GDA has also taken this initiative of vertical gardening as there is dearth of places for greenery.

The first model for vertical gardening has been implemented at grade separator on Meerut road. A total of Rs 22 crore has been spent on 525 meter long vertical garden.

This grade separator was opened to public in September 2017. Vice-chairperson of GDA, Ritu Maheshwari said that vertical gardening has been done on the grade separator. She added that the pilot project seems to have become successful.

Maheshwari informed, “Now, vertical gardening will be done on 20 Metro pillars and the longest elevated road in the city. Vertical gardening will be done on 37 pillars of the elevated road. The officials have been asked to prepare proposals so that funds can be arranged.”

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