People gasp for breath as severe dust pollution engulfs Delhi

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: theweathernetwork.com
Posted: Jun 14, 2018

People in the national capital are having a tough time because of the worst possible kind of dust pollution witnessed recently. It has made people gasping for breath and they are really finding it very difficult to go out for a stroll and to do exercises. People with respiratory ailments are having a nightmare with the severe dust pollution in the city.

The effect is such that the dust pollution has forced people to stay indoors rather than making a routine visit to the parks in the morning. Parks were mostly vacant with the absence of fitness enthusiasts on Thursday morning.

Mahendra Singh, a senior citizen from Sector-12 in Dwarka, said, “I have asthma and I am struggling with this dust pollution since yesterday. I didn’t go out since yesterday afternoon as my doctor suggested me to be at home. Now, I am planning to go outstation if the situation does not improve.”

Many people have reported a feeling of suffocation in the present condition. The experts have said that the dust particles are so fine that it can easily enter the lungs and cause serious problems.

In Dwarka, the continuous burning of dry leaves and garbage is making the situation even worse. These burnings can easily be seen near parks and societies.

RP Malhotra, a resident of Sector-3 said, “The burnings are frequently done near the neighbourhood park of DDA at Sector-3 and in the dhalao. The burning in front of the park has made the whole atmosphere very suffocating. This is a regular exercise but the problem has become bigger with the present dust pollution.”

On the dust pollution, Dr Nitin, Consultant Cardiologist, Venkateshwar Hospital in Dwarka said, “PM 10 particle count is currently beyond severe in Delhi-NCR. This poses a risk of breathing difficulties especially for children, elderly population and patients with lung problems. People should continue to avoid morning walks. They should wear N95 to N99 masks.”

“People should use air purifiers with HEPA filters until the situation improves. People with chronic lung and heart disease should be extra careful and seek medical help if they feel their breathing is getting affected. Without rain or a good speed wind, this dust pollution is difficult to settle down,” added Dr Nitin.

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