Photo: Puja Raina Mahaldar
Indirapuram: ASPA discusses school fee issue at Swarn Jayanti Park

Posted: Jul 08, 2018     By Puja Raina Mahaldar

The All School Parents Association on Sunday conducted a meeting at the Swarn Jayanti Park in Indirapuram to discuss the issue of several schools’ ignorance towards implementing Uttar Pradesh Self-financed Independent School Ordinance 2018.

Parents from DPS Ahinsa Khand, DPS Shakti Khand, Cambridge School, St Teresa, Presidium, Jaipuriya School and Indirapuram Public School participated in the meeting.

Parents alleged that despite the directions from government, the schools have not taken approval for fees circular from Fee Regulatory Committee (FRC). They said that the circulars are neither available on the website nor they have been handed over to the parents.

Many parents said that they have been exploited by the schools over composite fees. It was decided in the meeting that parents will themselves be making the FRC by taking 2015-2016 as base year.

It was said that if schools continue to exploit parents then a large scale protest will be conducted against the education mafia. The parents said that they will also request the government to take action against the schools which are not following the Uttar Pradesh Self-financed Independent School Ordinance 2018.

A parent from DPS Indirapuram on the condition of anonymity said, “I got news about fee circular but it was more painful as now instead of Rs 29,700, I had to reissue cheques worth 35,000 approximately by just returning the annual fee but the tuition fee has been increased. It’s a mockery or a joke that the school management has done to parents. It’s just an eyewash and the government is silent over it.”

“As per ordinance, base should 15-16 fees+5%+2016 CPI + 2017 CPI + 2018 CPI but schools are calculating as per the choice. Moreover, it should be approved from DFRC but no school has uploaded the approved fees structure on website,” said president Shivani Jain.

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