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Dwarka: Choked storm water drains increase risk of mosquito-borne diseases

Posted: Jul 20, 2018     By City Spidey

Stagnant water in storm water drains in the DDA pockets and along the main roads has raised the possibility of mosquitoes breeding in Dwarka. RWAs of different DDA pockets said that the storm water drains are choked for a long time and authorities have not carried out works to clean it.

President of Metro View Apartments in Sector-13, Vinod Rawat, said, “The flow of water is restricted in storm water drains. There is always a chance of mosquitoes breeding despite measures like spray has been done. The Corporation must think over the subject seriously and do the needful.”

Rawat added that apart from the choked drains, there is also a problem with the slope of the drains.

The story is almost the same in about 50 DDA pockets and apartments in Dwarka. People said that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has never taken these things seriously. RWAs said that although SDMC had done spray in the drains, the drains also need proper cleaning.

President of RWA of Gangotri Apartments in Sector-12, Umesh Kala, said, “Proper cleaning of storm water drains is the only way to stop the breeding of mosquitoes. Yesterday, SDMC people put medicine in the drains but that is not sufficient to check diseases of Dengue and Malaria. There shouldn't be stagnant water and that agency should ensure it is cleared.”

People said that they are also making individual efforts to ensure that there is no breeding of mosquitoes in the area. But, they also said that individual efforts alone are not enough.

General Secretary of RWA of Radhika Apartments, Anupam Yashovardhan, said, “The Corporation has started cleaning of storm water drains but the work is slow and this could have been done before the arrival of monsoon. It’s ok but I am not happy with the approach of the authority.”

“Everybody knows the truth. I couldn't understand that why the authorities didn't clean the drains regularly and on time," said VK Mishra a resident of Sector-9.

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