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Noida: Gaur Grandeur residents demand justification for maintenance charge hike

Posted: Aug 06, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The residents of Gaur Grandeur, are not happy with the newly elected AOA committee’s decision of hiking the maintenance charge by more than 27 per cent. They are demanding justification for the hike. Gaur Grandeur is high rise residential society located in Sector-119 in Noida.

They have complained that the AOA members have increased the maintenance charge after talking to only a few residents who were present at the general board meeting.

They complained that the decision was not taken by keeping everyone in the loop. They have claimed that the charges were Rs 1.65 per sqft earlier and it has now been increased to Rs 2.10 per sqft.

On the other hand, the current AOA said that the costs are going upwards every month. The AOA said that they had to take the decision to run and maintain the society effectively. This decision was taken in consultation with the residents.

A resident, Rajesh, told City Spidey, “On July 23, the AOA committee called the residents to discuss the budget for the financial year 2019-19. But, they also hiked the maintenance charge, backup charge, water charge and other charges.”

“Through notice, they informed the residents that the maintenance charges will be increased from August 1,” added Rajesh.

“DG charges were hiked from Rs 16 per unit to Rs 20 per unit. They increased fix main load from Rs 42 per KVA (Kilo Volt Ampere) to Rs 54 per KVA. Electricity tariff was hiked from Rs 5.5 per unit to Rs 6.04 per unit. Water charges were increased from Rs 185 to Rs 255 per month and vending charges from Rs 30 to Rs 40 per month,” Rajesh added.

Another resident, and also the ex-member of AOA, Atul Saxena, said that residents are strongly opposing this hike and that's why more than hundreds of residents have signed a letter in which they demanded the justification of the hike.

“Residents said that AOA members need to give the justification of this steep hike. Old AOA carried out all the work in the same price and also gave the profit of Rs 3.40 lakh. There is no point in increasing these charges,” he said.

AOA President of Grand Grandeur, Shashank Shekhar, told City Spidey, “We called the general board meeting on July 23 in which the residents had approved this hike. The old AOA did not operate the society effectively due to low charges. The AOA is in loss of Rs 40 lakh and all the claims of profit are false,” Shekhar said.

He said, “The rate of diesel is going up. The previous rate was Rs 40 per litre and now it is Rs 68 per litre. Other facility charges were also hiked as the rates have been increased by the government.”

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