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Fortune Residency drains turn into breeding grounds for larvae

Posted: Aug 06, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

Behind the high-rise Fortune Residency there's a ground which thanks to the efforts of nearby builders and Nagar Nigam, has been converted into a full-fledged pond containing sewage water. Last week when heavy rains unleashed mayhem across the city, this pond came into existence.

Fortune Residency had dug up the ground across the road from their high-rise. The heavy inflow of rainwater coming from the drains damaged the sewage pipe beneath the road. The water washed away the mud below the road and a part of it made its way right into the dug-up construction site. 

"Since then, we've blocked the manhole to prevent further leakage," said Tyagi, an employee at Fortune’s maintenance office.

Tyagi also said that even after multiple calls and requests, Nagar Nigam officials have not paid any heed to this problem.

"Nagar Nigam is not sending their workers to repair the damaged sewage pipe. We have been forced to dump our society's sewage water directly into the drains," he said.

Bluemoon Homes, an upcoming high-rise being constructed adjacent to Fortune, also faced waterlogging at their construction site. So, in order to prevent the site from being filled in further, they barricaded their dug-up boundary with a mound of mud. This diverted the drain water to the ground situated next to Bluemoon.

While the water accumulated in the ground it would have been received by the drain parallel to the ground had it not been completely choked due to debris of bricks and cement.

“Last year, during Ramnavmi celebrations, a ramp had been constructed for the visitors to walk over the drain and enter the ground,” said Babu, owner of a pan shop situated opposite the ground.

“The ramp broke shortly after Ramnavmi and its debris completely clogged the drain,” Babu said.

A maintenance worker at Bluemoon, on the request of anonymity, also complained of Nigam's apathy toward this locality. However, he admitted to their own negligence as well.

"But what could we do? We couldn't have let sewage water into our site. Also, we had to pump out the accumulated water, so we did it in the ground," the maintenance worker said.

The crisis here is not just limited to the accumulation of sewage water, though. The accruement of filth has created another dangerous situation.

City Spidey had a look at the drain and discovered that the whole stretch has turned into a breeding ground for larvae.

In a season where the threat of dengue and malaria usually intensifies, such a situation is a big cause for alarm. 

Our calls to Municipal Corporation officials went unanswered.

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