Livid residents at Plumeria Garden Estate vent ire on builder after lift fall
Livid residents at Plumeria Garden Estate vent ire on builder after lift fall
Avishek Dubey
Livid residents at Plumeria Garden Estate vent ire on builder after lift fall
Photo: Avishek Dubey

Livid residents at Plumeria Garden Estate vent ire on builder after lift fall

The residents of Plumeria Garden Estate, a high rise in Greater Noida, staged a protest against the builder and maintenance team after a lift fall on Monday. On August 6, the lift of N- Tower fell from ground floor to basement.

It caused neck injury to a woman and panic to the kid who accompanied her. The women and kid were rescued after 15 minutes from the lift by the security guard.

“The maintenance of the society is handled by Wave Builder/Turquoise Constructors since 2009-10. The lifts are maintained by Mitsubishi Electric. From the past 4-5 months, the builder hasn’t paid any charges to Mitsubishi. As a result, the maintenance was stopped by the Mitsubishi,” said residents.

“When the current incident was reported, a technical team of the duly appointed maintenance agency Mitsubishi Electric came and the fault was immediately taken care of and the operation of the lift was restored for usage,” said residents.

“The builder has deliberately put the lives of residents living in 704 flats at risk despite the fact that residents are paying monthly maintenance charges regularly,” residents added.

Rambhul Singh, the husband of the lady who got injured, told City Spidey that his wife received injuries in shoulder and neck. “I am thankful to the god that my son is safe and sound. We are paying the maintenance charge of Rs 1.75 per sqft but still builder is not maintaining the society,” he added.

“We also made the police complaint after that incident. The police took the maintenance manager to the police station. As the builder has some political connections, police released the manager afterwards,” Singh said.

A spokesperson for Plumeria said, “We are ensuring with the maintenance agency for the smooth functioning of the lifts.”

Singh said, “The structure of the tower is in very bad shape. The builder gave the possession of the flats in 2009 and no maintenance was done by the builder afterwards. The seepage and corrosion were seen in some of the towers of the society.”

“The water comes out like a rainfall. It made the structure weak. We have asked the builder for the structure audit of the society many times but he ignores it. Now, more than 700 families live in danger,” Singh said.

“Last month, a wall of the basement of L Tower fell but the builder hasn’t learnt anything. They continued with their negligent approach. The director of Wave Group, H Kandhari, is looking after Plumeria society and his lack of attention and carelessness resulted in the lift incident,” Singh added.

There are dozens of construction-related issues which are yet to be addressed. The wave group’s director and chairman - Manjeet Singh and Rajender Singh Chadda are equally responsible for these incidents.

Singh also said that after the wall collapsed, the builder had planted fake news in the media that he has already formed the RWA and handed over to residents 5 years back. “These claims are baseless. If there is any truth in it then we demand them to disclose the names of RWA members,” Singh said.

Residents demanded a strict action against Wave Builder and Mitsubishi by the state administration for their negligent approach. “Today, it happened at Tower-N, it may happen at other towers of Plumeria tomorrow. Our lives are at risk and we are not feeling safe,” residents said.

The residents of high rise societies have also been demanding structure audit and UP Lift Act for a long time now.

When City Spidey contacted HS Kandhari, he was not available for comment.