New AOA takes charge at Indirapuram's Saya Zenith

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Aug 20, 2018

After repeated delays, Saya Zenith in Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, finally went to polls and held its annual AOA elections yesterday.  

Ten members have been elected in the management committee, who will constitute the new AOA.

Voting ended at around 2 pm and counting continued till 11 pm. The results were announced thereafter.

A total of 196 votes were cast — of them, three votes were found invalid. “One vote was treated as NOTA, since the voter had not ticked any of the contenders,” said IC Sharma, election committee member.

The elections were held under the supervision of the SDM, as the Deputy Registrar had asked the GDA to oversee the polls in view of the complaints made by Saya residents.

Prior to this, elections were held in April 2017, and an AOA was formed as well. But a few residents had levelled allegations that the polls were not held in accordance to the model bylaws and UP Apartment Act of 2010.

A formal complaint was lodged with the office of the Deputy Registrar in Meerut. The elected members then refused to sign on the registration papers of AOA and the registrar then ordered the GDA to look into the issue of holding fair re-elections.




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