Crossings Republik: GDA, builder pass the buck over bad road condition
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Crossings Republik: GDA, builder pass the buck over bad road condition

GDA says it is the builder’s responsibility to maintain the road connecting the township with NH-24 but the builder claims otherwise.

Crossings Republik: GDA, builder pass the buck over bad road condition

Even while the residents of Crossings Republik (CR) are grappling with the confused scenario of authorities passing the buck on constructing a fire station in the area, another civic concern has surfaced that no one wants to take the responsibility for.

Last month, Sanjay Jha, a resident of Gaur Global Village in CR, complained on the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s Jansunwai portal regarding the dilapidated condition of the road connecting the township to the National Highway 24. He also requested the authorities to re-install a high-mast barrier on the puliya (small bridge) built over the drain running next to the road.

“The barrier was built to stop heavy vehicles from entering the puliya. This is already a very congested road. Now with no barrier, the heavy vehicles are having a freeway and adding to the traffic jams,” said Jha.

“Our biggest fear is that the puliya can break anytime,” Jha added.

Jha’s complaint on CM’s portal was forwarded to the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA). In a written reply, GDA said both the roads were constructed by Crossings’ developer Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (CIPL), so the responsibility of their maintenance rests with them only.

While CIPL Director Manoj Gaur agreed to the fact that the roads were constructed by them, he said their maintenance was now GDA’s responsibility. “We had built these roads for the convenience of our residents. But these are public roads now. Nowhere have they been mentioned as part of the masterplan or Detail Project Report (DPR) of the township.  

“We pay maintenance tax to GDA for such things. How can they ask us to maintain these roads?” he said.

When City Spidey contacted Officer on Special Duty (OSD) VK Singh on the same, he said that he can’t verify the builder’s claim. “Executive Engineer of Engineering Wing of GDA Manvendra Singh, who had visited the spot yesterday, can better answer this query,” explained Jha.

Jha agreed with the builder. “The builder is right here. The authority must take compliance in this matter.”

Interestingly, OSD Singh is the same official who had signed the written reply saying the issues come under the purview of private builder or promoter.

Meanwhile, contradicting GDA's reply, Manvendra Singh said if the builder has already paid the maintenance charges, then it is GDA’s obligation to construct the road. “However, I don’t believe if the builder has paid the charges,” he added.

He further added that they have no records on the road in question. He also seemed uncertain about the authorization of the puliya. “I think it doesn’t come under the builder’s purview but I am not sure if it is a property of GDA or Municipal Corporation,” he said.

Jha has also written a letter to CIPL asking their take on the GDA’s reply. “CIPL needs to inform if they are responsible for roads’ maintenance or someone else is,” he said.

It seems Crossings Republik has again been caught in the web of confusion and apathy. But are the residents to pay for it?