Noida: No play area for kids; Supertech Ecovillage-II residents protest

Posted: Oct 07, 2018     By City Spidey

For the residents of Supertech Ecovillage II, a housing society in Noida Extension, the safety and security of their children while they are out playing has become one of their biggest concerns.

Worried over the incidents of two young kids being attacked by stray dogs on the society premises a couple of days ago, the residents today staged a protest against the builder for not developing park and play area for kids as promised to them in the original layout.

The residents have been demanding a park and play area for the past two years. But the builder has constructed parking slots and residential tower at the space allotted for park, alleged residents.

The residents also said that the absence of a park and play area in the society has made things difficult for the residents, especially kids and senior citizens.

Kumar Mihir, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 2, told City Spidey that the builder had earlier promised to make kids play area in the society but the chosen land for that has now been converted into parking slots. “The builder has now even started selling these slots. A tower has been constructed in the space allotted for central park,” Mihir said.

Another resident lamented the builder is always trying to earn money but never thinks about the needs and safety of people who have invested their hard-earned money into the project. “It was a big mistake to buy a flat in this society. Neither our children feel safe here nor do they have a place to play. Last Friday, stray dogs attacked two children of the society but the builder did nothing about it,” said a resident.

The residents allege that since the project is still under construction, fencing on the boundary side hasn’t been completed yet, which makes it easy for stray dogs to enter the society.

When City Spidey tried to contact the builder officials for a comment, they were not available.


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