Dwarka: Areas near Brahma Apartments to be made garbage-free

Posted: Oct 20, 2018

In order to solve the issues related to garbage, it has been decided the areas near Brahma Apartments would be made zero point from today. This was informed by the area MLA Bhavna Gaur and the officials from South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on Saturday during a protest by the residents of the area against this problem.

Both the MLA of the area and the officials of the SDMC assured the community people to give a permanent solution to the problem pertaining to garbage near Brahma apartments.

 “Now the problem would not appear in the area. I will personally take it in regular concern,” MLA Bhavna Gaur said.

Earlier, the MLA asked the SDMC official for a solution and it was declared that the area would be made zero point every day until a permanent place for the garbage dumping somewhere else. Officials concerned said that a sanitation department person would be present at the garbage dumping spot every day until the whole garbage gets cleared.

On Saturday morning, residents of Dwarka raised their voice against garbage burning in the area. They organised a protest in front of Brahma Apartments (Sector 7) to show their anger against the regular burning of garbage beside Brahma Apartments for a long time. People from the main gate of the society marched till the garbage dumping spot where the burning had been an issue.

Munish Kundra, one of the organisers from Brahma Apartments said, “We have been facing this problem for a long time. This is perennial issue here and despite our follow-ups, it was not resolved. Now we did this protest and I hope that things will change.”

The protest was organised by an NGO named Green Circle with support of 15 other NGOs of the area working in different fields. Also, the management of Brahma Apartments joined the protest and asked the authorities to stop dumping and burning of garbage near the society.

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