Four newly-born peacocks rescued at Amrapali Zodiac; sent to Surajpur wetland

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 28, 2018

The residents at Amrapali Zodiac rescued four newly born peacocks within the premises of society on Sunday. They have themselves rescued the peacocks as no action was taken from forest departments despite repeated calls.

The officials from the forest department had asked the residents to bring the peacocks to their office.

A resident, Karunesh Singh said that the residents had called the forest department at around 10 am but they refused to visit the site.

They had informed police about the peacocks. “The police immediately visited the site. They also informed the forest department at 11 am. The forest department officials then said that they are coming to the site,” Singh said.

But, the forest department officials only reached the site at around 5 pm.

The District Forest Officer (DFO), PK Srivastava said that the officials reached the spot late because of lack of facilities and unavailability of officers. “Officers reached the spot and they have taken the four birds to the wetland at Surajpur area,” DFO added.

Another resident informed that the birds were spotted in a vacant flat in Tower C. “The eggs were at the slab above the window. The peacocks were born few days back. They fell from the slab to a park on October 21. On Sunday, the birds fell from the spaces between the two towers into the basement. The birds were also injured after the fall,” he said.

The security guards then rushed to the basement to save the newly born peacocks from stray dogs. “We have kept the birds within protective boundary. They are now safe,” he added.

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