GreNo: Car stolen from Nirala Greenshire minutes after being parked

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Oct 29, 2018

People often give a lot of impetus on the security at high-rises but it is rather upsetting that thieves still become successful in breaching it. Now, a shocker came from Nirala Greenshire where a thief was successful in stealing a car from within the parking area of the society.

The car was stolen within the five minutes of parking the car. The victim, Fateh Singh, parked his car at 7.09 am. When he returned back to the parking area at 7.12 am, the car was missing.

Talking to City Spidey, Singh informed that he gave car key to Sachin Tomar, a security guard, asking him to handover it to either his son or the other security guard who would join the duty after him.

Singh said, “When I asked Sachin where is my car? He said that he handed over the key to his son as he had asked to do so. I immediately informed the managing department of the society and after that, I lodged a written complain at Bishrakh police station.”

Later in the day, when police examined the CCTV cameras installed in the society, it emerged that the car was driven outside the society by one unknown person.

Through CCTV footages, police found that a person came inside the society, took the key that was put on a table and drove the car outside the society.

CCTV footages also revealed that the person who drove the car was earlier standing on his bike outside the gate. Before running away with the car, the person came inside on his bike and went outside immediately. Later, he entered the society walking and drove the car outside.

“It cannot happen without the involvement of security guards. An unknown person entered the society on his bike but the security guard did not object his entry. After a few minutes, the same person entered society and again the security guard did not ask anything. Sachin helped him to get inside the society and allowed him to flee with the car,” Singh added.

During the interrogation, Sachin (in police custody) told the police that he had handed over the key to Singh’s son. Police said that three persons have been arrested and the investigation is going on.

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