Dwarka's Sector 4 market turns into a garbage-strewn dump
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Dwarka's Sector 4 market turns into a garbage-strewn dump

One of the most famous markets of the sub city has become synonymous with rampant encroachments, footpaths laden with trash and the smell of sewer overflow.

Dwarka's Sector 4 market turns into a garbage-strewn dump

For the residents of Dwarka, a routine visit to Sector 4 market, which is also one of the busiest markets of sub city, has become an ordeal these days owing to its dirty and messy condition.

The first thing that hits you as soon as you enter the market is the stench coming from sewer overflow and garbage lying everywhere. Overflowing garbage bins and trash scattered everywhere is a common sight here.

And then there is the never ending problem of encroachments that has made it impossible to find a parking spot and even walk here.

Residents say neither DDA nor South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) is doing anything about the situation. Vimal Srivastava, a resident of Sector 4, said, “The responsibility to maintain the markets in Dwarka lies with DDA or SDMC, but they both have failing miserably. It’s sad to see a well-planned market like this lying in such a mess.”

Dilapidated floor and waterlogged streets have become a safety risk for the visitors and especially elderly. Seema Verma, a resident of Sector 4, said, “It has become impossible to walk here. I had even complained to SDMC and DDA officials on the matter but nothing came out of it.”

The corridors of the market have been encroached upon by unauthorised vendors leaving no space for walking. “How is it possible that the authorities have no idea about the rampant encroachment here? They are the ones who are in a shielded way promoting all this,” asked Rakesh Kumar, a regular visitor to the market.

Meanwhile, shop-owners blame civic authorities and administration for the mess. “Vendors here are running their illegal shops because some people in the civic authorities are allowing them to. These makeshift eateries are largely responsible for littering garbage everywhere and even in sewer lines leading to overflow. Shop-owners take rent from these vendors and allow them to put up a stall in the corridors,” said a shop owner who did not want to be named.

Talking on the issue, officials from DDA and SDMC said they will take action against offenders and will work towards improving civic amenities in the market.