Questioned in Amrapali flat theft, maid says police physically assaulted her

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Dec 22, 2018

Questioned by police for her alleged involvement in the Amrapali Village flat burglary, a woman working as the housemaid there has accused the police of physically assaulting her during the interrogation. She also alleged that false accusations by her employer have left her traumatized and insulted her.

On Friday, over 25 women, most of them working as domestic help in the society, gathered at the main gate early in the morning and protested till 2 pm.

The woman was let off because of lack of evidence against her. On Monday, over 12 lakhs in cash and jewellery were stolen from a flat in Indirapuram’s Amrapali Village. The police had detained the maid as a suspect in the case.

Speaking to City Spidey, the woman said that male police staff beat her up during the interrogation. “I repeatedly asked them to search my house, but they did not listen and started beating me,” she alleged.

The police, however, has denied the allegation. “All the time, she was accompanied by a female staff. We did not do any such thing,” the investigating officer of the case said.

The protesting group said that they want the owner of the flat to apologise to the help as they had pointed fingers at her without any proof.  “This baseless suspicion has left the woman traumatised,” one of the women participating in the protest said.

The housemaid said that the allegation will affect her finding work in the future. “I’m a poor woman. The baseless allegation has brought me a bad name and now people will hesitate in employing me.”

Meanwhile, the RWA of Amrapali Village society called the protest an “unnecessary ruckus”. “If they have a problem with how the police is handling the case, they should protest outside the police station. What can we do about it?” said Maheshwaran Nair, secretary of RWA.

The residents complained that the protest created a nuisance. “They weren’t even allowing us to drive outside the society. They had called many people, who don’t even work in the society, to protest with them,” a resident claimed.

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