Societies near markets face problems due to opening of chimneys, sanitary pipes

By City Spidey
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Posted: Dec 26, 2018

The Residents Welfare Associations (RWA) of societies adjacent to the Mixed Land Use (MLU) markets are busy writing letters and doing complaints to the civic bodies like Municipal Corporation and DDA about the problems they are facing.

They are complaining that the market people are violating the laws by making chimney, exhaust fans, AC compressors and toilet sanitary pipe lines towards the society premises. Due to such things, people living in the rows in front of the market wall are facing a tough time every day.

General Secretary of RWA of DDA SFS Sector 5, Mahesh Gupta said, “Almost every day, there is a fight and hot argument between residents and market people and builders. They have created nuisance by opening sanitary pipes towards our pocket.”

“We complained to DDA and they said that the maintenance is under SDMC. We complained to SDMC and they said that the challan is done. We have absolutely no idea what is happening. Meanwhile, these violations are increasing,” he added.

The problem is persistent at sectors 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 and 12. In these societies, flats, which are just adjacent to the boundary walls of the market, have problems due to hot air, smoke and garbage. Residents also alleged that some of the shop owners have opened the window of toilets and kitchen also towards the pocket breaching the privacy of the society.

Former president of RWA of Rihayashi Apartments, Ved Prakash said, “The chimney and other such things are dangerous too. During this year’s storm, our society was the worst affected as those chimneys fell down in our premises. During summer, residents have to hot air because of exhaust fans and AC compressors installed towards our society.”

According DDA officials for the MLUs, any alteration can only be possible when the whole building plan is revised by DDA. Also opening of windows and installation of chimney and exhaust fans have been done in such way that it is a violation of building bylaws. On repeated complaints of the RWA of Dwarka Kunj Apartments Sector 12 an inspection was done by DDA in 2011 but no effective measures were taken by them.

A member of RWA, Dwarka Kunj Apartments, GB Joshi said, “On our repeated complaints and correspondence, an inspection was done in December 2011 in the market adjacent to our society by the then DDA executive engineer. He wrote about the misuse to the director building and enforcement to take action but nothing was done. They do come on complaints but do nothing. DDA and MCD both are responsible for our problem.”

Chief Engineer of DDA, RK Singh said that he will take the subject into concern and do the needful. On the other hand SDMC officials too assured to look into the subject of their jurisdiction and take action against violation.

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