PHOTO KATHA: Christmas celebrated with zeal, passion all across Dwarka

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Dec 25, 2018

Community people from different sectors and societies celebrated Christmas on Tuesday. The RWAs and the groups of residents celebrated inside the societies whereas different social organisations celebrated it outside the premises of the societies.

The parks, community centers and other such places were buzzing with the Christmas celebrations.

A group of residents organised the celebrations at Defence Officers Apartments at Sector 4. They organized various activities for children. Sports activities were also organised on the occasion.

At Sector 3, hundreds of underprivileged children celebrated the occasion with sports activities. The event was organised by Choti Si Khushi, a social organization, working on underprivileged kids and women in the area.

At Balaji Apartments, community women and children participated in the celebrations. They enjoyed the moment with music and fun activities.

At Sector 23, the occasion was celebrated by community women under the aegis of Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get-together. In the event, women and girls from across the city participated.

Apart from such activities in societies and public places, many programs were also organised by various schools. Icon International School celebrated the occasion with the children. They organised a procession in which a chariot with Santa and children took part.

Celebration at Community Centre by Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get-together in Sector 23

Children at Defence Officers Apartments in Sector 4

Underprivileged children and women with the people from societies in Dwarka

Community women participating in saree race at the sports event organised by Choti Si Khushi at Sector 3

Women at Balaji Apartments during celebration of Christmas at Sector 3

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