Noida: RWA of HCL Towers seeks NOFAA’s guidance to install rainwater harvesting

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Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 14, 2019

The residents welfare association (RWA) of HCL Towers, a high-rise in Noida’s Sector 62, recently held a meeting with Noida Federation of Apartment Owners' Association (NOFAA) for installing a rainwater harvesting (RWH) system in their society.

According to NOFAA, HCL Towers currently does not have RWH system installed although they have an area of 10,000 sqm for collecting rain water at roof top and the ground.

“The society faces acute water-logging in the monsoons because it is situated at a lower level compared to the surrounding area,” said a member of NOFAA.

As per the Noida Authority rules, rainwater harvesting is mandatory in buildings with area of 300 sq metres and above. The rule is ineffective as almost 80% of the buildings are built on plots with an area less than 300 sq metres. As a result, rainwater harvesting is barely implemented in 20% buildings. 

President of NOFAA, Rajiva Singh, said that the RWA of HCL Towers is keen on implementing RWH system in their society. “This could be done in a single attempt or in a phased manner depending upon the cost-effectiveness. This requires a survey by a professional vendor to propose the design and location of the pits in the society considering the topology of the society.”

Singh further added that a NOFAA RWH team will conduct an audit on the proposal submitted by the vendors. “Technical evaluation on the proposed architecture will also be done.  We will take cost estimation for the complete project from at least three vendors,” added Singh.

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