Gurgaon: DLF 3 residents grappling with water shortage, power cuts

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Posted: Feb 15, 2019

Summer is still a couple of months away but looks like it’s share of problems have already made an entry into the lives of the residents of DLF 3 in Gurgaon.

The residents of the area are facing acute water shortage and long power outages for the past few days. According to the residents, U-Block has been worst affected.

“We haven’t received sufficient supply water over the past week. As a result, we have been buying private water tankers, which are extremely expensive and a burden on us,” said a resident of the U Block.

Several areas reeled under power cuts on Tuesday, which also affected water supply to the area. “It has proved a double whammy, as because of power outages our pumps used to draw water haven’t been working. In many houses, there hasn’t been any water and electricity, which has made life miserable,” said another resident on the condition of anonymity.

Shweta Sinha, a resident of the area said, “The situation has been more or less like this throughout the winter. We have had daily power cuts making life difficult as we can’t use geysers and room heaters even in this cold weather.”

The area has been known to have rampant illegal construction, adding to the civic woes for the residents. In many houses—especially in V, U and S blocks—there are more than one water connection running, which is illegal and puts unnecessary strain on the supply, said a DLF official.

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