Residents fume over unending delay in supply of Ganga water to GreNo West
Residents fume over unending delay in supply of Ganga water to GreNo West
Praveen Dwivedi
Residents fume over unending delay in supply of Ganga water to GreNo West
Photo: Samrat Roy

Residents fume over unending delay in supply of Ganga water to GreNo West

Availability of potable water has been an issue in Greater Noida West for a long time. It is the place where high rises have mushroomed too fast and the authorities have failed to provide potable water to the residents.

The residents have no other option but to rely on the hard ground water for drinking purposes which is not advisable. It is saline in nature and not healthy to consume. The high density of population, which lives at the Greater Noida West, have been complaining about this regularly without any development in this regard.

There was a hope that Ganga water will be supplied to these high rises. People were very optimistic about it. But, the project to create infrastructure to supply Ganga water has missed several deadlines in the past.

The project cost was around Rs 300 crore and it was started in 2010. The initial deadline to complete the project was 2013. But, it has kept on missing the deadlines ever since then. Two deadlines were missed in the last year. The last one was in October last year.

So, the probability of getting the Ganga water in near future is very low. Meanwhile, the residents want clarity from the authorities when they are going to get Ganga water. They have talked to authorities several times but no clarity has been given by them.

“Approximately 30,000 families are presently living in the Greater Noida West which is nearly 10 per cent of the available flats in the area. Imagine the situation when all the flats will be occupied. All these people are struggling with the issue of potable water. The authorities should expedite the process of providing Ganga water as soon as possible,” said Sumil Jalota, a resident of La Residentia.

As far as the plan goes, the authority aims to supply 100 per cent Ganga water without having groundwater. The authority has plans to provide Ganga water in different phases.

If it becomes possible then the residents will be very relieved as they are struggling with hard ground water. They often complain about the purification of the water that they are getting. They said that they have no information about the purification of hard ground water.

At some places, people have complained about presence of maggots in the supplied water. Recently, a resident of La Residentia, saw maggots in wash basin when he was brushing his teeth in the morning. He escalated the matter to everyone concerned but they are not sure whether this will stop soon.

“We heard about laying of pipelines for supply of Ganga water and construction of water treatment plant in Greater Noida. But, we are yet to know when we are going to get the Ganga water. Authorities should try to provide Ganga water at the earliest as we are struggling with the present supply of water,” said Manish Kumar, a resident of Arihant Arden.

City Spidey tried to contact officials of the Noida Authority but they did not respond to our calls and messages.