Dwarka: Neighbourhood park becomes a place for open drinking
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Dwarka: Neighbourhood park becomes a place for open drinking

In the evening, the playground turns into a den for drunkards, drug addicts and gambler 

Dwarka: Neighbourhood park becomes a place for open drinking

Dwarka’s Sector 14 park, developed by South Delhi Municipal Corporation, must have enchanted many for its lush green open space but it has been losing its charm off late for unwanted activities. The park, situated just behind Radhika apartments, is being used by hooligans for open drinking. 

In the evening, the playground has become a hideout for gamblers, snatchers and drug addicts besides the drunkards. 

After dark, the scenario becomes risky as the residents take a walk through from the park to reach societies like Radhika apartments, Om apartments and Kautilya Apartments after getting down at the Sector 14 from Metro Station. Incidents of snatching had happened with the commuters in the past. 

Vijay Kumar a resident of the Radhika Apartments, said, “Every morning I see that there are beer bottles and glasses spread over in the park. Rag pickers are seen picking those bottles. It shows that at night the park is largely used for open drinking. It must be stopped by the administration.”

Another resident. Shailesh Singh Tomar once had a scuffle with a snatcher in the area while he was going to his society, Om Apartments.

“They consume liquor and do petty crime like snatching. Sometimes it could be dangerous and some such incidents were happened in past when they injured the passerby.” Shailesh further added.  

The time between 7pm to 9pm is the riskiest  time when the area is used by both the hooligans and the metro commuters. 

When the SHO, Dwarka North, Police Station, Sanjay Kundu was contacted by City Spidey for his views, he said that they do patrolling in the area but they will surely increase the frequency in the evening when people come back from work and take that route.