Will vote only if our demands are met, says ASPA Ghaziabad
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Will vote only if our demands are met, says ASPA Ghaziabad

The All Schools Parents Association has issued their demand letter to the four major political parties of the area 

Will vote only if our demands are met, says ASPA Ghaziabad

Keeping the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in mind, over 85 parents association of Ghaziabad has decided to put their weight behind a political party only if they promise to meet their demands. Or else the members have pledged to boycott voting in polls next month. 

In a press conference held on March 23, the associates of All Schools Parents Association (ASPA), the umbrella body of over 85 school association in Ghaziabad, said that a demand letter has been issued to the four major political parties of the area and they are waiting for the responses. 

“The decision is taken after consulting with over 85 big and small parents association of Ghaziabad,” said Shivani jain, president of ASPA.

The demands have been sent to
a)      Amit Shah, national president of Bhartiya Janta Party
b)      Rahul Gandhi, MP and national president of Indian National Congress
c)       Akhilesh Yadav, former CM of UP and national president of Samajwadi Party
d)      Mayawati, former CM of UP and national president of Bahujan Samajwadi party 

“Education has always been in the bottom or many a times do not exist in the political discourse in one of the youngest countries in the world which has over 65% population in their youth. We demand safety, security, justified fees and abolishment of dictatorship of private schools, Jain added. 

In a letter issued, ASPA has demanded implementation of Supreme Court’s 2009 order regarding construction of school buildings, implementation of transport guidelines put out by SC and UP government, to implement government’s order on private schools to receive NOC from the state for their recognition, to implement CBSE directions on the school books and Strict implementation of UP Self Financed Independent School (Fixation of Fees) ordinance, 2018. 

 “Even after 10 years of passing the SC guidelines 98% of schools do not adhere to it any of the guidelines. Four months have passed and not a single committee has been formed yet for the implementation of transportation guideline. Prior to receive affiliation from the CBSE or ICSE, schools have to get NOC from the state of UP.  Still, it’s not written anywhere that who is the nodal officer to implement this on ground. Is it even happening?,”asked Jain. 

 “The board clearly identified in detail the books to be used by each class. Yet, ignoring the direction, schools have resorted to sell their own books which is again, a commercial activity and again, goes against Right To Education Act, 2009,” Jain said, adding,” We are only asking for our rights. We want proper implementation of educational norms and policies of the state. Is it too much to ask from our lawmakers.” 

Jain claimed that their support or boycott would certainly make a huge mark in the government making. “Currently, over 10 lakhs students are enrolled in schools, which amounts to roughly 20 lakh voters in Ghaziabad  constituency,” the statement by ASPA read. 

Meanwhile, president of Indirapuram Parents Association, Priyanka Rana, has also refuted the claim that ASPA has the support of all the parents association of Ghaziabad.
“We have no idea as we were not asked or even consulted before making this move. I’m sure there would be many like us.” 

She also blamed ASPA for politicizing the issue. “It will be of no use. Any party can commit these demands and forget once it comes in power. What they should ave done instead is chart out a plan for the proper implementation of the educational policies. 

When City Spidey tried to reach out to Dolly Mishra, Lok Sabha candidate from Congress, she said she completely empathises with the situation. 
"Being a parent of 5-year-old child, I understand the pain of parents and I assure them that their all demands would be met if Congress comes in power," she told us.  

Other candidates, who are contesting election, refused to comment on the issue and didn’t even answer the call.