GB Nagar: Home buyers demand registries of flats on basis of carpet area

By City Spidey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Mar 25, 2019

As the general elections is just around the corner, the home buyers of Gautam Budh Nagar have put forward their demand of changing the registration of flats on the basis of carpet area instead of super area.

Few months ago, the home buyers association met Kamini Chauhan Ratan, IAS, Inspector General Registration and Commissioner of Stamp in Lucknow, to discuss the issues of registration of flats but no action has been taken on it till date.

Carpet area is the space between the inner faces of the walls. The super area includes outer parts such as a balcony, club, shafts, etc.

Shanu Sharma, a home buyer told City Spidey that under the RERA guidelines, both central and state government consider the carpet area for the registration of flats whereas the registry of flats continued on the basis of super area.

“RERA clearly states that the flat size will have to be calculated on the basis of carpet area instead of super area. The government should implement this after the Lok Sabha elections otherwise buyers will stage protest against the government,” Sharma added.

“Ratan assured that she will take proper action and the rule will be changed immediately. Soon the registry of the flats will be done according to RERA Act and they will consider the carpet area for the registry,” he added.

Shaini Rastogi, a buyer said, “Builders cheat buyers through super area of the flats. They ask for extra money to increase the super area which includes the space reserved for lifts, balcony, passageways and clubs in a building.”

“For example, if one buys a 1,000 sqft apartment at the rate of Rs.5,000 per sq ft (Rs 50lakh), the actual covered area or the size of the apartment would be just 750 sqft, with no exact specification of the ‘super area’ for which one paid Rs 10 lakh. As per RERA, a builder cannot use the term super area now,” she added.

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