Gurugram: 70 unrecognised schools face shutdown by March 31
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Gurugram: 70 unrecognised schools face shutdown by March 31

The department of education has said that private schools that do not meet recognition rules will not be able to start their upcoming academic session.

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In a crackdown on unrecognized private schools in Gurugram, as many as 70 such schools may not be able to start their new academic session from the next month if they fail to comply with norms required to be fulfilled for recognition by March 31.

According to a report published in Hindustan Times, the department of education has made it clear that unrecognised schools will face shut down from the forthcoming academic session that starts on April 1.

A list of 1,083 schools across Haryana was released earlier this month by the department of education, which did not meet recognition norms. Around 92 schools out of these fall in the district.

Following the release of the list, a show-cause notice was also issued to all the 92 schools earlier this month, added the department officials.

On Wednesday, the district elementary education officer held a meeting with school representatives asking them to share their concerns regarding the recognition process.

Premlata Yadav, district elementary education officer, said, “All unrecognised schools in the district were given a chance to present their case before the department. Out of these, five to six schools were able to prove that they have fulfilled the norms required for getting recognition. However, the remaining schools will not be allowed to run after March 31.”

After all the corrections, 70 schools were found not complying with the recognition norms, Yadav added. “These schools need to submit the necessary documents and get recognition by end of the month or else they will be forcefully shut.”

Holding parents also responsible for the situation, Yadav said that it was essential for parents to check the credentials of the school before getting their children enrolled in them. “Parents should do a background check of the school and find out if it fulfils the norms mandated by the department. They should not get their children admitted in school that is not recognised by the department,” she added.