RESIDENT SPEAK: Is the water where you live wreaking havoc on your skin, hair?

Posted: Apr 13, 2019

Do you have frizzy and dull hair? Is your skin getting worse day by day?

The major reason behind these could be the water you are using every day besides the hormonal issues in your body (if any). In your high-rise, the water being supplied might not be treated well and this is why your hair and skin are losing their sheen.

Let's get started how does this hard water work for the skin and hair.


High mineral water content 

Hard water technically means water packed with a high content of minerals, especially calcium like calcium carbonate and magnesium like magnesium sulphate. The hardness of water is measured by grains per gallon. For water to be labelled hard, it must measure 3.5 gpg.


What causes frizzy and dull hair?

Hard water makes it difficult to achieve a thorough rinse. A residual amount of shampoo can be left behind on the hair making them frizzy and dull. The quality of hair deteriorates and this can lead to thinning, breakage and hair fall. Even tensile strength of hair reduces with hard water and causes increased hair breakage.


Skin lesions get aggravated

Hard water can increase skin dryness, irritation and sensitivity. It may be difficult to rinse soap. People with skin disease may have worsening of the problem. Skin lesions may aggravate. The pH balance of the skin may alter and the mineral content left on the skin can modify the natural moisturizer from the skin. This can often lead to unexplained acne breakouts.

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