PHOTO KATHA: Bihu celebrated with traditional flavours at Dwarka

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 21, 2019

The cultural and traditional festival of Assam, Bihu, was celebrated at Pragyotishpur Apartments on Saturday evening in Dwarka. Community people from the society and surrounding areas participated in the event in large numbers.

A large number of people, who participated in the event, had donned traditional Assamese attire. People had also donned traditional Assamese sarees, gamchaa and dhoti.

Women and children performed Bihu dance on folk songs in front of the people. From folk songs played on dhol to traditional dishes, everything was seen at the event.

Members of the management of the society performed with the Pragjyotishpur Bihu Group at the stage and depicted glimpses of a village in Assam during harvesting. Apart from the cultural programmes, women and girls walked on the ramp also.

One of the organisers of the event, Reena Bora said, “We celebrated Rongali Bihu today. We celebrate the other two Bihu - Magh Bihu in January and Kongali Bihu in October. We try to depict the culture of Assam in Dwarka.”

Pragyotishpur Apartments is continuing with the culture and tradition of Assam in Dwarka. It can be said that a mini Assam is present in the city. This society has been carrying the cultural and traditional aspect of Assam since its existence.

As the name suggests, the old capital of Assam (Now Guwahati) the society is having majority of population from Assam.  Dr Nilmani Sarmah, president of the society said, “Every year, people of the society celebrate all the festivals of Assam .We want to give our cultural and traditional legacy to our next generation.”

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