Noida Authority tells gated societies to take onus of waste disposal


Noida Authority tells gated societies to take onus of waste disposal

Officials at Noida Authority said notice will be served to group housing societies, built over plot sizes above 5,000 square metre, flouting waste collection and disposal norms.

Noida Authority tells gated societies to take onus of waste disposal

Aiming to streamline city’s garbage collection and disposal process, Noida Authority has decided to take stringent action against housing societies who are found flouting the rules.

Officials at Noida Authority on Thursday said that a notice is being prepared and would be served within a couple of days to bulk waste generators, including group housing societies built over plot sizes above 5,000 square metre and hotels generating more than 100 kg waste per day.

The authority is responsible for providing sanitation services in the city. A penal provision is under consideration and will be finalised shortly, added the official.

Aiming to make Noida, especially residential sectors free from garbage bins, the authority has already installed 26 fixed compactor transfer stations, where the wet waste collected from residential sectors is processed in an environment-friendly way.

The authority had earlier implemented door-to-door collection of segregated waste in the city. With these steps, the authority estimates to process 100 tons of wet waste by the end of June 2019.

AK Mishra, additional chief executive officer with Noida Authority, said that steps are being taken to ensure proper disposal of wet waste according to the rules. “The authority also plans to build a waste-to-energy plant for resident welfare associations in residential sectors at a subsidized rate. The authority will bear 80% of the installation cost of the plant and the remaining 20% will be borne by the applicant,” said Mishra.

However, he added that the provision to build these facilities is currently restricted to residential sectors only. Group housing/gated societies will have to get their own plants. “Most of the group housing societies, while getting their development plan approved in the past, had committed to the authority that they would construct a waste disposal centre on their premises. But now, hardly anyone is following it,” said Mishra. 

“These housing societies get services from private agencies for cleaning and sanitation of their premises. Though these agencies manage to keep the societies clean, they have been found dumping waste on local dump sites adding to the mountain of garbage in the city,” said a Noida Authority official.

The aim of the notice, said the official, is to stop this illegal practice as it is defeating the aim of making Noida green and clean. “This is the reason that a notice is being served to all 350 bulk waste generators in the city. They need to ensure that the waste generated by them is processed within their boundary walls. If they fail to do so, they will be penalised,” he added.